Dynamo Charlton 2013/14


Smug: The Dynamo Charlton manager

Manager: Alex (Surrey)

Twitter name: @alexbass75

Since: 2011

Last season: 6th

Trophy cabinet: Olisadebe Euro 2012 winner

Sympathies: Charlton Athletic

Darts music: The Gladiators TV theme

Outlook (on 22 August 2013): Rarely noted for pizzazz, the Dynamo manager went about the auction in the calm, mediated fashion that saw him win the Emmanuel Olisadebe 2012 Euros, although he’s never been able to transfer that success to the domestic game. Coming 14th in his debut season, and finishing 6th in May, the Dynamo boss will be hoping this side can finally bring league glory.

Before slipping away from last weekend’s auction, the manager assembled an adequate side and left £14.5m in the pot to become the third most affluent for October’s transfer window, a useful asset when it comes to replacing Darren still-can’t-get-a-game-despite-changing-clubs-because-surely-Berbatov-will-start Bent.

I’m a professional tweeter now Rio Ferdinand aside, the rest of the side are likely to pick up appearance points throughout the campaign without setting the world on fire. Will it be enough?

Probably not.

Boruc, A SOT £9.5m
Zabaleta, P MCY £15m
Pieters, E STO £5m
Cissokho, A LIV £0.5m
Evans, J MUN £2.5m
Ince, T CRY £2.5m
Noone, C CAR £0.5m
Lampard, F CHE £5m
Ben Arfa, H NEW £3.5m
Bent, D AVL £10m
Hooper, G NOR £10m

First transfer window – 5 October 2013

Starting budget: £24.5m, remaining budget: £24m, net loss: £0.5m

(Hyperlink denotes to which club player was sold)

Out       In      
Pos Player Team Sold Pos Player Team Value
MID Koren HUL Free MID Sinclair, S WBA £0.5m
STR Kone EVE £0.5m STR Odemwingie, P CAR £0.5m

Second transfer window – 7 February 2014

Out In
Position Player Team Sold Position Player Team Paid
DEF Rat, R WHU Free DEF Cissokho, A LIV £0.5m
DEF Ferdinand, R MUN Free DEF Evans, J MUN £2.5m
MID Walcott, T ARS Free MID Ince, T CRY £2.5m
MID Sinclair, S WBA Free MID Noone, C CAR £0.5m
STR Odemwingie, P STO £5m STR Hooper, G NOR £10m

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