Northern Monkeys 2013/14


Complacent: The Northern Monkeys manager

Manager: Hugo (Tyneside)

Twitter name: @Hugeist

Since: 2012

Last season: 12th

Trophy cabinet: Empty (best finish – last season)

Sympathies: Newcastle

Darts music: Northern Calypso – Hale & Pace

Outlook (on 11 September 2013): Lack of firepower is sure to be the Northern Monkeys manager’s biggest worry this term. Not only does the team start with Titus Bramble forfeit player Emmanuel Mayuka, who’s been farmed out on loan to France, but Victor Anichebe has been knocked down the pecking order with the arrival of new strikers in Merseyside.

There aren’t many more goals in midfield. Marquee signing David Silva tends to enjoy a short purple patch each season, but like Antonio Valencia mainly picks up the odd assist. Since Damien Duff’s over the hill, it’s left to Kevin Nolan to find the net.

In defence it’s a better story. Vorm, Huth, Vertonghen and Mertesacker are regular starters bought for a decent price at auction. All of which leaves plenty in the kitty going into October’s transfer window. The manager will need every penny if he wants to avoid an anonymous mid-table finish for the second consecutive season.

(B) = player awarded under the Titus Bramble ruling

McGregor, A HUL £0.5m
Mertesacker, P ARS £6.5m
Vertonghen, J TOT £7m
Turner, B CAR £0.5m
Williamson, M NEW £0.5m
Hazell, S (TB) BRA £0.5m
Silva, D MCY £26m
Downing, S WHU £0.5m
Valencia, A MUN £7m
Bornini, F SUN £10m
Eto’o, S CHE £2m

First transfer window – 5 October 2013

Starting budget: £26m, remaining budget: £9.5m, net loss: £16.5m

(Hyperlink denotes from which club player was bought)

Out       In      
Pos Player Team Sold Pos Player Team Value
DEF Taylor, S NEW Free DEF Coloccini, F NEW £4.5m
STR Mayuka, E (B) SCX Free STR Weimann, A AVL £10m
STR Anichebe, V EVE Free STR Eto’o, S CHE £2m

Second transfer window – 7 February 2014

Out In
Position Player Team Sold Position Player Team Paid
GK Vorm, M SWA Free GK McGregor, A HUL £0.5m
DEF Huth, R STO Free DEF Turner, B CAR £0.5m
DEF Coloccini, F NEW Free DEF Williamson, M NEW £0.5m
MID Duff, D WBA Free MID Downing, S WHU £0.5m
MID Nolan, K WHU Bramble MID Hazell, S (TB) BRA £0.5m
STR Weimann, A AVL Free STR Bornini, F SUN £10m

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