How many roads must a manager walk down

Gestapo interrogation

Serious questions: Managers’ commitment to the Kenna is under review after a poor turnout at yesterday’s transfer window (photo courtesy of josedios)

By the Hairy Fadjeetas manager

THE KENNA’S sexuality has been called into question as just eight managers turned out for the first transfer window of the season – a record low since the league expanded to double figures.

And in scenes reminiscent of the graveyard shift at BBC World only a handful of players changed hands in the first two hours of the event on the upper floor of a south London boozer.

Fans’ groups are now demanding root and branch reform at Kenna HQ starting with a cull of ‘otherwise engaged’ bosses.

The league quickly cranked its PR machine in to gear in an attempt to deflect the criticism, with the St Reatham FC boss fronting the backlash.

Skyping in from Woking he said: “We’re all 110 per cent fully committed to the Kenna, but Saturdays are difficult with so many distractions.

“I’m sorry but I’ve got to go now, my mum says dinner is ready and Strictly is on in half an hour.”

Kenna chiefs have yet to comment on the debacle but a source close to the league said: “This is yet another example of useless Kenna blazers losing the plot. Even the 50p game was so embarrassed it only made a brief appearance.”


6 Comments on “How many roads must a manager walk down”

  1. Denney says:

    The Chairman pocketed the 50p, all helps towards the wedding fund I guess?

  2. Mike says:

    Oooo it was lovely though. Honey roast ham. Mmmm like mum makes it!

  3. Just Put Carles says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it 😦 Who got Ozil then?

  4. The Chairman says:

    The tactical Brambler from FC Testiculadew got Ozil for £13m.

    Managers should be aware that a fining system is to be introduced for those failing to attend the next window – increased entry fees next season await those who don’t turn up.

    • Denney says:

      I should think so, I turn up to the auction only to lose out on Ozil to the Tactical Brambler on bloody Skpe, meanwhile I ended up pissed, going home with Rolf Harris….

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