Young Boys manager makes Kenna chairmanship race claim

Sheep shagger

Sheep shagger: The league treasurer (pictured here) is among a small contingent of Welshmen in the Kenna (photo courtesy of vikingaero)

THE Young Boys of Vauxhall manager has claimed he would have been “Kenna chairman for more than 10 years” had he not been a sheep shagger.

The Welshman makes the claims in an authorised biography serialised by the Sunday Times.

“I believe if I was English, I would have been Kenna chairman for more than 10 years – it’s as simple as that,” said the Young Boys boss, who won the league in 2011 and the Canesten Combi Cup in 2009.

Kenna HQ is aware of the claims but declined to comment.

The manager of Young Boys, who joined the Kenna in 2007 and is now in his sixth year of campaigning, claimed: “I think the Kenna wished I shagged Hereford cattle or Suffolk pigs. I had the credibility, performance-wise, to be chairman.

“There is a ceiling and although no-one has ever said it, I believe it’s made of wool.”

“The chairman now does a rubbish job,” said the Young Boys manager. “It’s embarrassing. I keep asking myself, ‘what have I done?’

“I’ve asked myself many times why I wasn’t [made chairman]. I keep coming up with the same answer. It’s the sheep’s blood on my trousers.”

Detractors claim the comments are sour grapes from the manager, who has become an increasingly bitter and isolated figure with his team’s decline in the last two years, culminating in an outspoken rant at the incumbent chairman in November for changes to the Canesten Combi Cup.

Young Boys sit one place above the relegation zone and are already out of this season’s Canesten.

The other two Welshmen in the Kenna are the Bala Rinas manager – who is also league treasurer – and Anders Breivik lookalike the Judean Peoples’ Front manager.

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