Bala Rinas 2013/14


Day release: The Bala Rinas manager

Manager: Lewis (Wales)

Twitter name: @jsl105

Since: 2007 (committee member – treasurer)

Last season: 13th

Trophy cabinet: Empty (highest league position – 8th in 2011/12)

Sympathies: Wrexham

Darts music: C.R.E.A.M. – Wu Tang Clan

Outlook (on 10 September 2013): The treasurer has long tried to impose his tactics on the field, but his record is not a rosy one. The second-least successful manager in league history, it took him three seasons in the wilderness to overcome the ignominy of steering The Trinny Men to last place in his debut campaign. Returning at the helm of Bala Rinas in 2011, his team’s performances on the pitch have been eclipsed by his realpolitik at Kenna HQ. Elevation to the league committee in July last year led to fierce criticism from Kenna managers who questioned the appointment’s probity.

Rumours were flying in the build up to August’s auction that the Bala Rinas boss had turned his expansive accountancy skills to squad selection and he’d devised an ingenious balance sheet to identify Kenna-winning talent. The manager’s homework appears to be paying off. In what’s being touted as a Kenna first, all eleven of the Bala Rinas team turned out for the first two competitive weeks of the season.

Another 35 weeks to go and all’s well, but with Paulinho the most expensive player at £17m, will the Bala Rinas manager live to regret his decision not to make some bigger signings? And who will he choose to jettison between Foster and Sessegnon come the October transfer window?

Mannone, V SUN £0.5m
Monreal, N ARS £8m
Shaw, L SOT £5.5m
Collins, J WHM £0.5m
Heitinga, J FUL £2.5m
Fellaini, M MUN £0.5m
Nasri, S MCY £2m
Sissoko, M NEW £10m
Paulinho TOT £17m
Chamakh, M CRY £14m
Lukaku, R EVE £3m

First transfer window – 5 October 2013

Starting budget: £6m, remaining budget: £6m, net profit/loss: broken even

(Hyperlink denotes club to which player was sold)

Out       In      
Pos Player Team Sold Pos Player Team Value
GK Foster, B WBA £0.5m GK Stockdale, D FUL £0.5m

Second transfer window – 7 February 2014

Out In
Position Player Team Sold Position Player Team Paid
GK Stockdale, D FUL Free GK Mannone, V SUN £0.5m
DEF Luna, A AVL Free DEF Monreal, N ARS £8m
DEF Agger, D LIV £5m DEF Heitinga, J FUL £2.5m
MID Sessegnon, S WBA Free MID Fellaini, M MUN £0.5m
MID Routledge, W SWA £1m MID Nasri, S MCY £2m
STR Crouch, P STO £10m STR Chamakh, M CRY £14m

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